The Three Hottest Words in Diabetes: Loop, Looper & Looping

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The three hottest words in Type 1 diabetes these days are “loop”, “looper” & “looping”.  These refer to the groundbreaking revolutionary open source software implementation of the Artificial Pancreas, the technological cure of Type 1 diabetes.  Loopers are Type 1s who use the Loop app running on an iPhone to control their insulin pump based on the results of their continuous glucose monitor (CGM): when they do so they “looping”.

Most Loopers worldwide use a combination of an Omnipod tubeless Eros pod/pump driven by the Loop app based on a continuous glucose feed from a Dexcom G6 CGM. The iPhone & pump are connected by a Riley Link, a radiofrequency transmitter.  Most Loopers build the Loop app painstakingly over the course of many hours on a Mac computer.  This is no longer required – BCDiabetes clients who sign a disclaimer are eligible to upload the latest version of the Loop app compiled by BCDiabetes software engineers directly from the Apple beta test site.  We have made looping easy to start and accessible to all.

The three hottest words in Type 1 diabetes these days are “loop”, “looper” & “looping”

BCDiabetes has more than 30 clients looping – all are delighted with their results.  One in eight does not even need to manually bolus (unless they have a big starch portion like a donut). This is because the Loop Autobolus algorithm prevents the expected spike through microbolusses given every 5 minutes. Read a BCDiabetes client’s experience of the first two weeks using Loop with Autobolus.  These clients are all sleeping through the night and experiencing life without the rigors of diabetes for the first time in years. All they need to do is change their pod every 3 days, their CGM every 10 days and charge their iPhone and Riley links every night.

Dr. Elliott, the Medical Director of BCDiabetes predicts that within 5 years more than 50% of individuals living with Type 1 diabetes will be looping.  

For more information on how to start Looping with BCDiabetes click here.

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