The Weekly with Dr. Tom

“The Weekly with Dr. Tom is a virtual group session that happens every Thursday at 12:00PM Noon. All patients are invited to attend, ask questions and hear about what’s happening in the world of medicine.

Dr. Elliott will be joined by a variety of guests who will dive into a variety of subjects.

The BC Diabetes Education Institute is where to come for everything healthcare-related.

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Do you have newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes?

If you do, Click here to find out about an exciting new study you're eligible for!

If this isn't you, don't worry, our clinic is here for everyone living with diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes study

If you are aged 8-25 and were diagnosed in the last 10 weeks you are likely eligible.

Call 604-638-0431 or email

For more information click the link that applies to you:

For ages 8-17    For ages 18-25

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