Testimonial: CGM Is A Game Changer

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My name is Tyler Craig, and I am a patient at BC Diabetes. I would like to add my voice to Dr. Elliott’s and his team’s advocacy efforts to have universal coverage for CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) devices. I am grateful that BC Diabetes introduced me to the CGM device as it has been a game changer for my diabetes. Prior to CGM it was difficult to effectively manage my diabetes through diet and medications alone. I had been advised to test my blood sugar on a regular basis; with a standard finger poke test, it was cumbersome, painful and only provided me with a limited understanding of my blood glucose levels. Now that I am using a CGM, it allows me to see in real-time the effect that the foods I eat have on my blood glucose levels. This has given me valuable feedback on what foods are acceptable and which foods I should avoid to keep my blood sugar levels in balance. I now can see the trends of my blood sugar levels and have been able to track how it is improving over time. The information that my CGM device provides me is allowing me to be proactive in taking charge of managing my diabetes.

“Prior to CGM it was difficult to effectively manage my diabetes through diet and medications alone”

I am an indigenous person which means I was vulnerable to develop diabetes. Most of my medical expenses are covered by First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). My diabetes medications and a standard glucose meter are covered, but CGM devices are not covered. I was provided with a complimentary CGM device at BC Diabetes, thanks to their supporters, but subsequent CGM devices I must pay for out of pocket. I believe that CGM is an amazingly effective tool in helping to control diabetes and many indigenous people would benefit if FNHA were to cover this. There is an overrepresentation of diabetes among indigenous people, and many do not have access to quality care. I believe that if CGM devices were covered by FNHA then it would have a positive impact on treating diabetes among indigenous people. With effective management of diabetes, complications are less likely to develop; this would result in cost savings to the health care system. There should be no financial barriers for any person that requires a CGM monitor. I support BC Diabetes in their efforts for universal CGM device coverage and believe they are at the forefront of ensuring quality and timely care for all persons with diabetes.

By Tyler Craig
BC Diabetes Client

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