Nightscout: the 2020 Diabetes Revolution

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In 2018 with the arrival in Canada of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) a diabetes revolution began.  CGM meant no more finger pricking, no fear of going low overnight; vastly improved glucose control and a future without the dreaded long-term complications of diabetes.

The revolution continued in early 2020 with the artificial pancreas being made possible through integration of CGMs with the latest insulin pumps through software known as Loop.  The artificial pancreas means no longer having to calculate the insulin dose – your smartphone takes the current glucose from your CGM and instructs your insulin pump exactly the right dose to give.


The 2020 diabetes revolution was complete with Nightscout, fabulous software that seamlessly connects your real-time (immediate) CGM data with your diabetes team & loved ones.  Nightscout means that you will never be alone with your diabetes and can get advice on the fly from your doctor.  Nightscout is not available yet in app stores: you can build it painstakingly yourself in 4-6 hours or get it immediately at no charge by becoming a BCDiabetes client.

To learn more about the 2020 Diabetes revolution brought about by CGM, the Artificial Pancreas and Nightscout email BCDiabetes or contact your diabetes specialist.

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