Clinical Trial Outcomes

BCDiabetes carries out two distinct but complementary research programs. The first, our “Investigator Initiated Trials” are relatively small projects designed to address issues identified by the Physician or Case Managers. These studies, which are typically funded by donations and grants from individuals or foundations, help to define, test and implement novel interventions that address specific needs identified by our medical staff. For example, the research that confirmed the value of working with Case Managers (mentioned above) was one such project. The goal of this type of research is to support continuous improvement of the treatment offered to our patients.


BCDiabetes also works with partners in the pharmaceutical industry to develop new methods, tools and medications for use in treating diabetes and its complications. Our staff combines extensive understanding of diabetes and its complications with its research expertise to conduct clinical trials. BCDiabetes has carried out 85 such trials since 2005. Trial results of this kind are one of the most important steps in the process by which new treatments are proven and subsequently brought to market, so that by performing these trials, BCDiabetes is providing crucial support for the deployment of novel treatments. Further, our clinical research keeps us current with the latest developments in diabetes management, providing our team with the newest and most effective treatments available. In addition to providing patients with the newest and most effective treatments, clinical trials also provide an invaluable service to companies and researchers.

For patients, this means access to investigational medications that may not yet be on the market or new treatments that are not part of standard care. It provides patients with access to new research treatments before they are widely available. Also, it allows patients to help others by contributing to medical research while playing an active role in health care. Most importantly, patients will receive regular and careful medical attention from our research team that includes doctors and other health professionals.

Contact our clinic directly to learn more about current clinical trials.

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