Canada is home to 11 million people who are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. It is a condition that is growing rapidly in the population, yet many who are affected by it are completely unaware of it until it advances to produce potentially dangerous symptoms.  If you have diabetes and it goes unmanaged, it could significantly impact the quality of your life, and potentially reduce your life expectancy by 5-15 years.

Our healthcare system provides excellent basic care, including screening to detect the condition early. However, since diabetes typically must be managed for the rest of your life, and this process can become somewhat complicated, it can best be managed by a team of experts who work with diabetic patients daily.  BCDiabetes is a specialty clinic and research facility comprised of Case Managers and a Diabetes Specialist Physician who work with all facets of diabetes every single day. They are the experts you need to help you live a normal, healthy life with diabetes.

Unfortunately, although part of the cost of this excellent care is funded through normal healthcare channels, the critical research work that allows BCDiabetes to provide the best, most up-to-date care is not supported by this system, and is dependent on a small number of grants and donations, most of which come directly from our Patients.

BCDiabetes is closely affiliated with the BC Diabetes Foundation (BCDF), a CRA-designated charity for tax purposes. Your donation to the BCDF will provide invaluable support to the BCDF’s many programs which include grants towards CGM (6 month subscriptions cost $1800), grants towards meeting the BC Pharmacare deductible (starting at $500) and investigator-initiated research. We can continue to find the best new ways to control your condition, and work to reverse the diabetes epidemic in Canada. Not only will you be donating to the fight to beat diabetes, you will have a hand in providing improved patient care, increasing hope for individuals with diabetes and helping them to live normal, healthy lives.

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