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Nightscout: the 2020 Diabetes Revolution

Patient Care + Research + Clinical Trials, Technology

In 2018 with the arrival in Canada of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) a diabetes revolution began.  CGM meant no more finger pricking, no fear of going low overnight; vastly improved glucose control and a future without the dreaded long-term complications of diabetes. The revolution continued in early 2020 with the artificial pancreas being made possible […]


The Three Hottest Words in Diabetes: Loop, Looper & Looping

Living With Diabetes, News & Media, Technology

The three hottest words in Type 1 diabetes these days are “loop”, “looper” & “looping”.  These refer to the groundbreaking revolutionary open source software implementation of the Artificial Pancreas, the technological cure of Type 1 diabetes.  Loopers are Type 1s who use the Loop app running on an iPhone to control their insulin pump based […]


Testimonial: CGM Is A Game Changer

Living With Diabetes, Technology

My name is Tyler Craig, and I am a patient at BC Diabetes. I would like to add my voice to Dr. Elliott’s and his team’s advocacy efforts to have universal coverage for CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) devices. I am grateful that BC Diabetes introduced me to the CGM device as it has been a […]


CGM Campaign

Living With Diabetes, Patient Care + Research + Clinical Trials

Continuous Glucose Monitoring, known as CGM, allows for the automatic tracking of glucose (sugar) levels for people living with Type 1 Diabetes (TID).  Keeping sugar levels within a safe & healthy target range (5-10 mmol/L) is crucial to prevent the dreaded diabetes complications of loss of consciousness, heart disease & stroke, blindness, kidney failure and […]

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