PharmaCare Covered: Ozempic (Semaglutide) by Novo Nordisk

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Big news today for the 200,000 British Columbians living with Type 2 diabetes who are overweight or who have a history of heart attack or stroke.  Today BC Pharmacare announced coverage of semaglutide (“Ozempic”), a once-a-week shot, for individuals living with Type 2 diabetes on oral medication alone (metformin & glyburide) or on insulin plus […]


Nightscout: the 2020 Diabetes Revolution

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In 2018 with the arrival in Canada of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) a diabetes revolution began.  CGM meant no more finger pricking, no fear of going low overnight; vastly improved glucose control and a future without the dreaded long-term complications of diabetes. The revolution continued in early 2020 with the artificial pancreas being made possible […]


The Three Hottest Words in Diabetes: Loop, Looper & Looping

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The three hottest words in Type 1 diabetes these days are “loop”, “looper” & “looping”.  These refer to the groundbreaking revolutionary open source software implementation of the Artificial Pancreas, the technological cure of Type 1 diabetes.  Loopers are Type 1s who use the Loop app running on an iPhone to control their insulin pump based […]


Testimonial: CGM Is A Game Changer

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My name is Tyler Craig, and I am a patient at BC Diabetes. I would like to add my voice to Dr. Elliott’s and his team’s advocacy efforts to have universal coverage for CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) devices. I am grateful that BC Diabetes introduced me to the CGM device as it has been a […]


CGM Campaign

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring, known as CGM, allows for the automatic tracking of glucose (sugar) levels for people living with Type 1 Diabetes (TID).  Keeping sugar levels within a safe & healthy target range (5-10 mmol/L) is crucial to prevent the dreaded diabetes complications of loss of consciousness, heart disease & stroke, blindness, kidney failure and […]


Information for patients regarding COVID-19 response at BC Diabetes

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BCDiabetes is committed to providing the highest quality diabetes care to all British Columbians. With the situation involving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) changing quickly, we reassure you that we are continuing to operate and provide services, while monitoring recommendations from the US CDC and Health Canada. However, we are also mindful of concerns that you might […]


BC Pharmacare to cover SGLT-2 inhibitors and to delist the Lantus brand of insulin glargine U100

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Yesterday BC Minister of Health Adrian Dix announced Pharmacare coverage of the SGLT-2 inhibitor class represented by empagliflozin (Jardiance). Although BCDiabetes would have preferred that all three SGLT2 inhibitors on the Canadian market be covered, the long overdue announcement was most welcome news. Our readers will be aware of the long-running BCDiabetes advocacy campaign for […]


See Dr. Elliott interpret reports from Freestyle Libre – Facebook livestream from April 30, 2019

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On April 30, Medical Director Dr. Tom Elliott spoke with patients at the BC Diabetes Freestyle Libre Interpretation Class, and livestreamed it on Facebook to share with patients who could not attend. In this video, he explains the basics of blood sugar control, including the effects of diet, exercise, stress, basal and rapid insulin, and […]


2019 BC Diabetes Fundraiser Photos

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Highlights from our first fundraiser event, “Changing Lives Through Discovery and Research,” on April 4, 2019 at Science World in Vancouver.


CREDENCE – more evidence of benefits with SGLT2 inhibitors – write to your MLA


Today (2019-Apr-15) the results of the much anticipated CREDENCE study which examined the benefits of canagliflozin (a member of the SGLT2 inhibitor class) were presented in Melbourne, Australia. Striking benefits were shown for individuals with Type 2 diabetes-related kidney disease including a 30% reduction in progression of kidney disease, 20% reduction in cardiovascular death/heart attack/stroke […]

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