The Circle of Care

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Case Managers

Case Management

Our dedicated diabetes experts will help you develop an individualized care plan. Short wait time to get in and appointments are never rushed.

BCDiabetes Lifestyle Counselling

Lifestyle Counselling

We provide you with compassionate care and support through your journey and make it a priority for you to meet your health goals.

Dietary Advice

Our case managers work closely with you to create a diet plan that is realistic to follow and can connect you with additional dietary services as needed.

BCDiabetes Specialized Pharmacy Services

Specialized Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy partners are available to educate you on diabetes drugs and answer all of your medication-related questions, plus help with easy refills, wherever you are.

BCDiabetes is a full-service tertiary care facility dedicated to treatment of diabetes and other endocrine diseases. The mission of BCDiabetes is to help British Columbians with diabetes live healthier lives and to minimize impact from their condition. Our unique team of diabetes specialists, physicians, and diabetes case managers offer a wide range of services including, clinical care and medication management, lifestyle counseling, and specialized pharmacy services.

In addition to physicians, our team includes registered nurses, case managers and we partner with optometrists, dietitians and podiatrists to provide top-quality care. By working together, we are able to offer integrated care that is needed to help you be successful in managing your condition.

Case Managers at BC Diabetes Improve Patient Care

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A major feature of our practice model involves the inclusion of Case Managers who have primary responsibility for patients who are assigned to them. Case managers are trained doctors who are experts in diabetes and its complications. Their work is overseen by a Physician who is a specialist in endocrinology and treatment of diabetes. A research project conducted at BCDiabetes (Li et al., 2017) indicated that inclusion of Case Managers, who regularly interact directly with patients for extended periods, resulted in lowered blood sugar, and reduced diabetes-related distress. The Case Manager evaluates patients, monitors all aspects of their health, develops treatment plans, educates patients about their disease, complications and treatments, facilitates rapid changes in interventions, and reports findings and proposed treatments to the managing Physician.

Case Managers see a limited number of patients, but spend substantial amounts of time with them. This significantly improves quality of care. Importantly, it provides patients with a contact person who knows them and their issues intimately, and who can be contacted quickly with questions and concerns.

A diabetes specialist oversees several Case Managers. This permits a single physician to manage the care of many more patients than would otherwise be possible, while still providing exceptional care.

Case Managers at BC Diabetes Improve Patient Care humen

In diabetes care, the person with diabetes is at the centre of the circle and each spoke represents an element of clinical, educational, or personnal support. With enough of the right spokes in place, diabetes can often be well-managed with fewer negative effects.

The Circle of Care represents the parties needed to provide comprehensive clinical, educational, and personal support for a patient with diabetes. Each participant in this system provides unique but overlapping elements of care. Clinical management of diabetes is provided primarily by the Case Manager and the Diabetes Specialist, who also coordinate other aspects of the patient’s overall care. The Family Physician provides routine medical care. He/she also helps to monitor the patient for development of complications. The Pharmacist ensures patients receive correct medications. They also educate patients about proper use of medications and their side effects, and identifies potential drug interactions. Support from the greater community as well as friends and family help to alleviate diabetes related stress and depression. This has been shown to be a critical part of care for people with diabetes, because stress exacerbates both diabetes and its complications.

To receive our services, you must first register as a patient. All BCDiabetes services (except most podiatry services) will be provided at no charge through the Medical Services Plan of BC after receipt of a family physician’s referral. All optometrist partners will also waive any additional fees for diabetic eye examination.

At BCDiabetes, we work closely with your family physician. Being a patient at BCDiabetes does not prevent you from attending a regular diabetes centre or seeing another diabetes specialist.

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Virtual Consults

We offer virtual consultation to help patients whose physical limitations make travel to the clinic impossible

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