New Study To Test Whether GLP-1 Agents Help You or Hurt You Before Taking The Drug

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We are very excited about this made-in-BC research to help us find out if a drug will be beneficial for those taking it or whether it might make them ill before ever taking the drug.

From Dr. Tom Elliott:

“A new class of medication for diabetes known as GLP-1 agents have been on the Canadian market for more than 4 years.  These drugs are very effective at lowering blood sugar and weight in approximately 20% of patients and moderately effective in another 20% of cases. They cause significant nausea and vomiting in another 20% of patients. Drugs in this class, represented by Victoza and Byetta, are given by once-or-twice daily injection.  They are expensive, at around $5-10 per day. “

The research project will identify, by measuring the levels of hundreds of blood proteins, DNA and the bacteria in the gut, a “signature” for either 1) responsiveness or 2) potential toxicity.  Once a signature is developed a blood test will be developed & made available such that, before the drug is given to potential patients, those who stand to benefit and those who stand to be potentially harmed can be identified.

BCDiabetes is committed to this process of customizing therapy known as Personalized Medicine.  To qualify for the study volunteers need to be either taking Victoza, to have been made sick by Victoza or to be willing to take Victoza for a period of 3-6 months.

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