Introducing the new BC Diabetes Clinic & Research Facility

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It is with great excitement that we introduce our new diabetes clinic and research facility. This summer we moved from the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre and Vancouver General Hospital to a new customized facility located on the 4th floor at 210 West Broadway.

Yes, the entire floor!


The new space offers much improved efficiency and support for our patient care model because our individual patient case managers and onsite diabetes specialists are now under one roof,says BC Diabetes Medical Director, Dr. Tom Elliott. By working togetheralong with the patients own physician and other medical caregivers we are able to offer integrated, timely and efficient patient care.

We recognized that people with diabetes don’t always require a physical examination and that every person living with the condition has an array of personal support outside of the formal healthcare system so we built a space for everyone.

With enough room to comfortably seat anyone who needs to be in the room, we’ve aimed to create a space that welcomes and engages patients rather than the standard clinical approach.

In the event an examination is required, we have one standard exam room with a bed as well as rooms with recliners and the same support for the people you need to have in the room.

As our patients know, we are very communicative staff and work together to meet patients’ needs. We didn’t stop by making this a pleasant space for patients because our staff needs a cutting edge place to work as well. A full kitchen and bright lunch and meeting rooms make our new space all that it really needs to be to fulfill our mission of optimizing the care and outcomes for every British Columbian living with diabetes.

Stay tuned. Our in-house fitness facility for patients to work with our trainer partners from FXN Fitness is opening in mid-October! For more on our new location and how to find us, please visit our updated contact page.

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