BC Diabetes Joins PERL Study

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We are very happy to announce that we have been added to a prestigious roster or institutions and organizations from across North America. This study is examining how a drug might help prevent kidney disease in people with Type 1 diabetes.

To hear from the principal investigators, please click here to watch a brief video overview: Preventing Early Renal Function Loss in Diabetes from JDRF on Vimeo.

From our Medical Director, Dr. Tom Elliott: “Damage to the kidneys from diabetes is one of diabetes’ dreaded complications.  Recent research has suggested that a drug used for the prevention and management of gout, allopurinol, may help prevent or reduce the progression of diabetic kidney disease.  BCDiabetes has teamed up with a network of research centres across the US and Canada to be part of this important study. To qualify, volunteers need to have Type 1 diabetes of more than 8 years duration and to have elevated levels of protein in their urine.”

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