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Hector Com-Changsek

Clinical Research Coordinator
Dr. Hector Com

Hector Com-Changsek


Clinical Research Coordinator

Hector Com-Changsek, IMG, is an experienced physician who works closely at ensuring all elements of a clinical trial are managed and executed successfully. Hector graduated from Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University, the leading medical school in Lima, Peru. While there, Hector worked in ER for 9 years before coming to Vancouver BC and joining Dr. Elliott’s team in 2010.

Hector also holds a Master of Public Health degree with a special interest in the social determinants of diabetes and the role of obesogenic environments in triggering and perpetuating the silent epidemic of metabolic syndrome.

His life wouldn’t be complete without tennis and summer bike riding.

Hector is not a member of a regulated health profession in Canada and not licensed to practice medicine in BC.

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