DTC Approved for all with Type 1 Diabetes

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There has been some extraordinarily good news for people living with, or caring for others who have Type 1 Diabetes!

As of 2022-Jun-24, the Government of Canada CRA will offer a Disability Tax Credit of up to $1289 per year for every person with T1D with no questions asked – indefinitely into the future. Such applications will cover 2021 moving forward, but not for years prior to 2021. This is a huge departure from the old rules that required attestation of 14+ hours per week etc etc etc that was always a battle.

Kudos to everybody who has been lobbying for this, in particular the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Canada (JDRF) and Diabetes Canada.

In anticipation that they would like to apply via the new rules (many have previously applied with the old rules), BC Diabetes has emailed a personalized and filled-out form to all of our patients who are living with T1D. All that is required is that they fill out all of pages 1 and 2 and send it off to CRA at:

Winnipeg Tax Centre
Post Office Box 14000, Station Main
Winnipeg MB R3C 3M2

The CRA website says you should get a response within 8 weeks. I expect it to be approved with no further action required, indefinitely, so that you will not have to do it each year in the future.

Here is the CRA site for the Disability Tax Credit.

If you wish to file a Disability Tax Credit application for years prior to 2021 see this BC Diabetes handout which will take you through the tedious process.

If you didn’t receive the form or would like our support with this process, please email us at Questions@BCDiabetes.ca.

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