What About Diabetes Management Apps?

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On Monday of this week, Reuters reported that two US-based hospitals are preparing to launch trials related to HealthKit, a software product from Apple that will be available with iOS8, Apple’s new OS that launches today. These trials will look at how HealthKit helps patients use glucose meters that integrate with their phones and make that data available to physicians and consider the value to patient outcomes.

There’s a lot of hype around HealthKit and, like with any technology, some people aren’t jumping on board. A contributor at Forbes Magazine, for example, discounts the excitement and believes that people should calm down because the current stage of the trials launched in the US hasn’t revealed anything yet.

In light of HealthKit’s potential, as well as that of other technology, we asked our Medical Director, Dr. Tom Elliott, for his thoughts on where we are at in terms of diabetes apps and where we, as an organization, are going:

“Smartphones, each of Android, Apple & Blackberry, have seen an explosion in apps offering support for individuals with diabetes and other chronic medical conditions,” says Dr. Elliott. “BC Diabetes is currently developing multi-platform apps for improving blood sugar, blood pressure & cholesterol control for individuals with both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.  Intrinsic to these improvements is the process of patient empowerment, which promotes greater compliance and adherence to therapy in general, but in particular self-adjustment of blood sugar lowering-medication (insulin and oral agents).”

As an organization, we are very excited about where technology will take us all in terms of patient care because technology ultimately has the power to make those living with diabetes more independent as well as keep their healthcare teams more well-informed. This is a huge win-win and we’re only at the beginning.

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