Compassionate Diabetes Care

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At BCDiabetes we are aware that the challenges for individuals living with diabetes are many – that it’s not as simple as eating less, exercising more, testing your blood and taking medication.  Recent research at BCDiabetes has shown that at the time of referral to a diabetes specialist patients exhibit a high level of distress and depression. The good news is that these high levels of distress and depression are reduced by the compassionate care model employed at BCDiabetes – the involvement of case managers who work individually with our clients to go beyond the mantra of eating less and exercising more.

At BCDiabetes we recognize that stress interferes with the ability to cope: not just with the rigors of diabetes but with life in general.  On that basis we recommend mindfulness therapy as a core treatment: in the next months we will begin a randomized clinical trial to prove to the scientific community that mindfulness therapy should be included in all diabetes care plans, not just those at BCDiabetes.  We are also examining whether Love and Support therapy will improve diabetes outcomes: this will involve clients attending group meetings led by a counselor, where they will receive training in “vulnerable communication” techniques, helping them talk in appropriate and productive ways about issues they are facing.

Stay tuned.

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