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Dave Macdonald

Dave MacDonald - BCDiabetes Team

Dave Macdonald


Dave Macdonald is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA). He opened his own practice after more than 8 years in the healthcare industry working directly with physicians and not-for-profit clinics.

As an accountant, advisor, consultant, trainer, and part-time CFO, Dave works with clinics and biotech companies in an array of capacities as a leader and tactician.

His sole professional goal is to help entrepreneurs develop their goals and put the systems & processes in place to achieve them.

Dave is married – he and his wife, Jennifer, are the parents of two twin boys, born in early 2014. He enjoys cycling, martial arts, and working to solve interesting business problems.

In 2009, Dave joined Twitter (@davemacdonald) and his first follow was the to-be-disgraced Lance Armstrong. Lance was training on the Big Island of Hawaii and Dave thought “Wow, I’ll need to train and ride around the Island.” The next week, tickets from Vancouver to the big Island went on sale for $200 and he was committed and an epic Big Island bike trip ensued. Be careful with social media.

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