Get Ready for the Freestyle Libre

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Last week the prestigious British medical journal the Lancet published a report summarized here describing dramatic reductions in low blood sugar without any loss of blood sugar control using the Freestyle Libre.

Freestyle Libre

“The Freestyle Libre is the first of a new class of glucose monitoring devices that use “flash” technology.  These devices measure sugar/glucose in the body water known as “interstitial fluid”.  There is no finger pricking – only wearing a sensor device that pokes into the skin on the upper arm.  They are extraordinarily accurate and measure sugar testing every minute, 24/7 for up to 14 days.  The Freestyle Libre is not yet available in Canada or the United States but is on sale in Europe & Australia.  In Australia the sensor device that lasts up to 14 days retails for $95.  The reader device which looks like a conventional blood glucose meter & lasts indefinitely retails for $95.” – Dr. Tom Elliott
The Freestyle Libre is a disruptive technology tailor made for individuals who require frequent glucose monitoring.  For individuals who need to test fewer than 3-4 times per day traditional finger prick glucose meters will suffice.
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