Eligible: How To Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine

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Dr. Elliott and the entire staff at BC Diabetes are delighted to report that COVID-19 vaccines are being made available to all British Columbians who are taking insulin.

On Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021, the Government of British Columbia put out a statement saying that people who were “clinically extremely vulnerable” were now eligible to receive a vaccine. Starting March 29th, you’ll be able to call your health authority to book an appointment. Fraser Health also offers online booking.

Fraser Health: 1-855-755-2455

Vancouver Coastal Health: 1-877-587-5767

Interior Health: 1-877-740-7747

Island Health: 1-833-348-4787

Northern Health: 1-844-255-7555

How do you know if you are “clinically extremely vulnerable,” and therefore eligible?

The list of health vulnerabilities, which you can find here, has the following conditions listed:

  • Transplant
  • Cancer
  • Severe respiratory conditions
  • Rare blood diseases
  • Other rare diseases
  • Splenectomy
  • Diabetes on insulin
  • Significant developmental disabilities that increase risk
  • Kidney/renal disease
  • Pregnant with heart disease
  • Neuromuscular/neurologic or muscular conditions that require respiratory support
  • People whose immune system is affected by immunosuppression therapies they take

The list is long, and most of these will not apply to our patients, but one certainly will. Any BC Diabetes patient who has diabetes and is on insulin now qualifies for a vaccine.

In the subsection underneath “Diabetes on insulin,” the explanation for who qualifies states: “you are currently taking insulin for diabetes (by injection or pump).”

Now, you might be asking if Dr. Elliott recommends that his patients get the vaccine.

The simple answer is an emphatic “YES.” Unless you have reason to believe that you are in a group that is at high risk for dangerous complications from the vaccine, you should definitely get it. Modern science is clear that this vaccine is safe and effective, and that this is the best way for our society to end this pandemic that has lead to so many deaths, financial hardship, and a mental health crisis.

You might also be asking how you prove that you qualify for this vaccine.

Dr. Elliott has created a handout for his patients, which you can find here. Print this document and take it in with you if you are asked for proof.

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