Dexcom G5 Hack – Extending sensor life up to 28 days

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First: purchase two accessories from

  1. GrifGrips (package of 20 for CAD$20)

  1. Skin Tac (either wipes or the liquid, 50 wipes for CAD$14.84)


Place the sensor like you usually would, but put in on the back of the arm (as you would for a Freestyle Libre) – much better numbers.

Then soak the white sensor adhesive patch with skin tac and generously wipe skin tac all over in the same radius as a GrifGrip.  

Let it dry (gets very sticky).

Once it is dry apply the GrifGrip over it.

As long as you don’t take lengthy showers or go swimming it should stay intact for about a month.  

When the message to change the sensor occurs at the 7 day mark simply stop the sensor  and restart as if it were new.  It is up to you when you change the sensor rather than restart it, but at we recommend that you err on the side of safety, changing it more often rather than less often.  You should definitely change it if the numbers become erratic with significant spreads in calibration.  We have noticed that if the BG is in good range the sensor lasts longer.

If the GrifGrip starts peeling, cut it out from the inside while keeping the sensor still glued, apply a new layer of skin tac and a new GrifGrip.   Skintac also also helps with allergy to Dexcom glue – but then the recipe is slightly different – a middle layer has to be introduced.

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