CREDENCE – more evidence of benefits with SGLT2 inhibitors – write to your MLA


Today (2019-Apr-15) the results of the much anticipated CREDENCE study which examined the benefits of canagliflozin (a member of the SGLT2 inhibitor class) were presented in Melbourne, Australia. Striking benefits were shown for individuals with Type 2 diabetes-related kidney disease including a 30% reduction in progression of kidney disease, 20% reduction in cardiovascular death/heart attack/stroke and a 39% reduction in hospitalizations for heart failure. These results confirm and extend the findings of other studies (one, two, three) with the same SGLT2 inhibitor class indicating dramatic improvement in outcomes for individuals living with Type 2 diabetes.

Yet still these life-saving drugs are not covered in British Columbia  despite being covered in every other Canadian province for more than 2 years. This is not fair. To have your voice heard email this letter to your local provincial politician (MLA). Not sure who your local MLA is or don’t know their email address? Click here, scroll down a bit and type your postcode into the search box on the left and bingo you will have the tools.

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