BC Pharmacare blood glucose coverage policy changes in 2015

Announcements | BC Pharmacare, British Columbia

The BC Ministry of Health (Pharmacare) has reduced coverage for certain categories of patient of blood glucose test strips used for self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) for people with diabetes.

Individuals who are on diet alone (no diabetes medication) or on no medications other than metformin, saxagliptin (Onglyza) or linagliptin (Trajenta) will only be covered for 200 test strips per year.

Individuals who are taking medications from the sulfonylurea class (glyburide,  gliclazide and glimepiride) but not taking insulin will have an allowance of 400 test strips per year.

Individuals taking insulin will in effect have no restriction on the number of test strips (maximum 3000 strips per year).

See more information on the Pharmacare website.

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