Celebrating Walktober with WednesdayWALK

Man walks by red wall.

Photo by Rupert Ganzer, used with permission.

Summer’s officially winding down now, with kids back in¬†school and the¬†days here getting cooler and wetter… It’s easy to get stuck on¬†idea¬†that it’s too hard or unpleasant to stay¬†active and continue working towards our physical activity goals. But we want to help you realize that it can be simpler and more enjoyable than you might think just looking out a¬†window!

To continue our work in helping¬†everyone¬†make physical activity¬†a regular part of our¬†routines, we’ll be joining Vancouver Coastal Health for Walktober, a month-long celebration of the joys and benefits of walking.

Walktober logo

As part of this, VCH invites anyone at Vancouver General Hospital Рstaff, visitors, patients Рto participate in WednesdayWALK Рa casual, outdoor walk for 30 minutes around the VGH site, for Wednesdays in October starting October 1st. We invite you to bring your friends, co-workers, and anyone else who you think might enjoy or benefit from a brief stroll.

Need more incentive? VCH will be making available free coffee (just bring a travel mug) as well as umbrellas to borrow for those days when the weather inevitably turns.

How to participate: Meet at the VCH Commuter Centre in the Jim Pattison Pavilion on Wednesdays at 12:10; the group departs at 12:15.

BCdiabetes.ca’s¬†Walk the Walk program¬†coordinator, registered diabetes nurse Gerri Klein, says:

It has long been said that the best exercise is one that you will actually do. But in our hurried life, it is often very difficult to carve time out of our day to include exercise, even one that you enjoy. That is why, when my patients or colleagues tell me that they don’t have time to exercise, I recommend walking. The majority of people are able to walk, and with a minimum of ingenuity, can increase their physical activity doing what they need to do anyway: walk. Even small things – taking the stairs when possible, parking a ten minute walking distance from your destination, or disembarking a few stops on the bus early¬†– does not require a significant dedication of time, but will improve your future substantially. Walk! Your health depends on it!

Walking the Walk for Walktober

We are¬†happy to be joining VCH in¬†their Walktober celebrations¬†— so¬†for Wednesdays in October, we will be meeting and departing with WednesdayWALK¬†instead of our¬†typical¬†time and place. (Our daily walks on other days of the week will start in the Diamond Centre at 12:30 and proceed as usual.)



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