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Heart, Stroke & High Cholesterol Studies

BC Diabetes is conducting research studies on investigational drugs (PCSK9 inhibitors: alirocumab & evolocumab) for people with high cholesterol andĀ a history of heart disease, stroke, mini-stroke or vascular blockages in the legs. Specifically, we are looking for individuals with LDL above 2.5 that are eitherĀ taking standard cholesterol medication (statins) or have strong side effects with usual therapies.

Even though we are BC Diabetes, our heart studiesĀ areĀ open to people without diabetes. If you are enrolled in one of our trials, reimbursement for travel, parking, and other expenses is available. Enrolment in a clinical trial means changing your medication, your routine, or some other aspect of your care to measure for improvement so that the results can benefit patients in Canada and around the world.Ā All studies are approved by an independent ethics committee.

To participate in a study, please fill in the form below or contact Dr. Mark Sharbin at 604-628-7253 x 7013. Evaluations for studies need to be booked in advance so no in-person visits, please.

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