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Clinical Trials

Looking for better ways to treat and manage diabetes.

We are very active in clinical trials for new treatments, medications, and devices. For patients, this means access to investigational medications may not yet be on the market or new treatments that are not part of standard care.

While the idea can make some people uncomfortable, many investigational drugs that we test have already been approved for routine use in other jurisdictions across the United States and Europe. This can be attributed to the fact that Canada’s approval process is often slower and more rigorous than most. All studies are approved by an independent ethics committee.

Most studies are randomized and controlled, meaning that a volunteer may not choose whether they get the investigational new drug or standard therapy. Rather, the choice is made randomly by computer. The odds of getting the investigational new drug are at least 50/50 and usually better.

Reimbursement for travel, parking, and other expenses is available. In addition, blood glucose meters, test-strips, and in some cases regular diabetes medication are provided at no charge. Enrolment in a clinical trial means changing your medication, your routine, or some other aspect of your care to measure for improvement so that the results can benefit diabetic patients in Canada and around the world.

To sign up for clinical trials, call 604 683 3734 x1000. If you are eligible for a trial, we will send you an invitation to participate.

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